God is Real!

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
Texts: Hebrews 6.11; Exodus 20:1-7, etc
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It’s one thing to believe in God, but another to see that belief make a difference in your own life. In this message, Conroy asks a series of questions about our belief in God: How real is he in your own life? Do you sense a relationship with him? Do you have real experiences with God? With this simple but important challenge, he asks us to consider how our belief in God is truly impacting our life.

Advice and Counsel

Texts: Topical
Speaker: Clark Graber
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How often do you ask others for advice? Who do you listen to when you need counsel? Clark shares examples – both good and bad – from Scripture of people seeking advice. He encourages us not to reject the counsel of those older than us. He also offers practical suggestions for how we find good counsel and what we should do with it.


Living a Satisfied Life

Texts: Topical
Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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What makes you happy? What truly satisfies you? Drawing from examples of Jesus as our Shepherd, Conroy challenges us to take of what He has to offer, rather than the temporary pleasures of this world.

From Darkness to Light

Texts: 1 John 1; John 3:19-21; etc
Speaker: Larry Graber
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Darkness and light. These two opposites appear throughout Scripture, and Larry Graber provides some sobering warnings for those who choose darkness rather than light. Allowing the light to reveal who we are is life-changing, and he issues a clear call for us to open ourselves to his convicting and comforting light.

Here’s the PowerPoint from Larry’s message:

From Darkness to Light – Larry Graber




Texts: Topical
Speaker: LaMar Troyer
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In today’s message, LaMar explores what spiritual steadfastness is. Drawing from people in Bible, he encourages us to be unwavering, in character, conduct, conviction, and conflict. He especially notes the need to be faithful in spiritual conflicts of all kinds.

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