We Need People

God’s will for us is experienced most fully when we are with each other. Conroy shares about the importance of each other as we grow in Christ. Using Paul and Timothy as primary examples, he shares five things we must give and receive from each other:

  1. Encouragement – to speak life to one another
  2. Godly examples – to show life to each other.
  3. Love – both giving and receiving this hallmark of Christ’s disciples. 
  4. Spiritual encouragement. 
  5. Purity – accountability toward holiness that comes from regular interaction
We Need People – Conroy Loewen

A Biblical Theology of Celebration

Speaker: Dru Lattin
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Whether you look forward to or dread the American “holiday  season”, most of November and December revolve around celebration. How should Christians respond? Does it matter? In this short message, Dru looks at celebrations in the Bible and offers some suggestions for how Christians should celebrate. 

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Speaker: Elv Graber
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Elv shares about the history behind Thanksgiving in the USA and challenges us to live lives of thankfulness – for our own benefit, as an example for those around us, and ultimately, to bring glory to God for his great goodness to us.

Living Life with a Clear Conscience

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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Our conscience – that basic understanding of right from wrong – is designed to draw us after what is good, but sometimes we can get confused. Conroy shares from Scripture and personal experience about what it takes to have a clear conscience, and the dangers of ignoring it.

Removing Walls for Church Growth

Speaker: James Beckel
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In this meditation, James shares how he’s learned to view people beyond how closely they follow rules, and asks what we as a church can do to be more welcoming to those around us.

Washing Each Other’s Feet

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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This Sunday, we had a special service, following Christ’s command to wash each other’s feet. Conroy looked at Christ’s example, sharing practical ways we can serve the body of Christ on a daily basis.

PowerPoint from message: Washing Each Others Feet. 10-7-18

How Does God Make a Person after His Heart?

Speaker: LaMar Troyer
Texts: Topical
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Drawing from the life of David, LaMar shares several heart characteristics that are needed to draw someone after God. A person who has a heart like God’s prepares their heart, meditates in their heart, rests in their heart, and rejoices in their heart. They also have a broken and contrite heart, reflecting God’s heart over sin.