Altared Assumptions

Speaker: Dru Lattin
Texts: Joshua 22; James 1:19-21
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We all make assumptions. At least, that’s what we assume. But thinking that I know your motives can quickly introduce confusion and mistrust into relationships. Dru shares how a civil war nearly broke out, simply because people assumed things, and didn’t check to see what was true.

In the New Covenant, he then looks at what we should do instead of assuming, giving practical direction to avoid this communication pitfall.

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Leadership in HIS Kingdom

Speaker: Verlynn Yoder
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This week, our regular meeting is cancelled, due to sickness and weather. Enjoy this message from Verlynn Yoder of Grove City, MN. This is from leadership meetings we hosted last fall. It’s applicable for everyone!

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Three Reasons to Disobey God

Speaker: Dru Lattin
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Church was cancelled last week due to weather. In lieu of a new message, here’s something Dru shared last November at Charity Christian Fellowship, in Pennsylvania. Click here for original post.

When was the last time you have disobeyed when you knew there was something God wanted you to do? Why did you disobey? Brother Dru gives three excuses we sometimes give for why we disobey God, as well as truth to counter those excuses.

The Temptations of Jesus

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
Key Texts: Matthew 4:1-11; Hebrews 4:15
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Though Jesus was perfect and without sin, he faced temptations. Conroy looks at five of these tests our Savior faced, and considers what we can learn from Jesus’ example of victory over the enemy. Listen below:

Eight valuable lessons from Jesus’ fight against Satan:

  1. Some of His greatest temptations were experienced when He was alone.
  2. He was faced with these temptations when he was spending time in prayer.
  3. The temptations came prior to great spiritual events.
  4. Jesus taught the importance of saying no to the flesh and saying yes to God.
  5. Jesus overcame by holding to the truth of God’s words and not believing a lie.
  6. Even though the struggle was very real and difficult, He was never given more than He could handle and He received strength from the angels that came and ministered to His needs.
  7. Temptations always come from the devil, the enemy of God.
  8. Jesus endured the temptations to the end and always came out with victory.

We Need People

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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God’s will for us is experienced most fully when we are with each other. Conroy shares about the importance of each other as we grow in Christ. Using Paul and Timothy as primary examples, he shares five things we must give and receive from each other:

  1. Encouragement – to speak life to one another
  2. Godly examples – to show life to each other.
  3. Love – both giving and receiving this hallmark of Christ’s disciples. 
  4. Spiritual encouragement. 
  5. Purity – accountability toward holiness that comes from regular interaction
We Need People – Conroy Loewen