Made Alive

Key texts: 1 Corinthians 15
Speaker: Dru Lattin
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Many areas of the Christian life are open to personal application, with freedom to differ. But there are other issues that are utterly non-negotiable. The Gospel of Jesus – his death for sinners and resurrection of victory over the dead – isn’t open to tweaking, and Paul wants everyone to know that.

In this message, Dru looks at seven reasons Paul gives why the resurrection matters. Without the resurrection, we have no life – none in eternity, and no true life now. Listen below to learn of how you can share in Christ’s resurrection.

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Image by TC Perch from Pixabay

For the Gospel’s Sake

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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Why should you bother to read your Bible? In this message, Conroy offers several reasons for reading the Bible, explaining that it contains the Gospel – the good news for every person. Listen to be encouraged in learning about God and sharing his message, by embracing His Word!