The Immanuel Crisis

Key texts: Isaiah 7-14; Matthew 1; Romans 8
Speaker: Dru Lattin
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The name “Immanuel” is good news for Christians, making us think of the story of Christ’s birth. But the historical setting of the original prophecies of God-With-Us was anything but cheery. Dru shares the story of Ahaz and how he failed to turn to God in his crisis. Where do you turn when in a crisis? How will we respond to the promise of Immanuel? 

The Immanuel Crisis

Citizens of a Heavenly Country

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
Scripture: 2 Cor 6:17-18; John 14:1-6; etc
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Drawing parallels between his experience as an immigrant seeking citizenship and our calling as citizens of another Kingdom, Conroy challenges us all to examine where our allegiance lies. The promise of heaven can encourage us in the journey. It also serves as a caution: Conroy alludes to the wandering of Israel before reaching the Promised Land and asks, “Does the wilderness feel like home by now?” Rather than getting used to the “wilderness”, he invites us to live as citizens and ambassadors in a foreign country.

One Man’s Quest

Text: Acts 8:26-40
Speaker: Elv Graber
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This Sunday was special for our church, as we celebrated baptism for one of our young men. In this message, Elv shares about a man who traveled countless miles to find truth, and the surprising place he found it.

After the sermon, Jube – who was baptized – and his dad share testimonies.