What Went Wrong in Ephesus?

Key texts: Ephesians 1-3; Revelation 2:1-7
Speaker: Jonathan Wiltrout
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The Christians in Ephesus were mentioned repeatedly in the New Testament, even getting their name on an important letter. But the last report we hear of this church in the Bible is not good. What happened?

Guest speaker Jonathan Wiltrout carefully walks through two messages to the Ephesians, unpacking important lessons for each of us today. Listen below to learn how not to leave your first love.

Part One (Morning)
Part Two (Afternoon)

Image by Salih Altuntaş from Pixabay

Loving What is Good

Key texts: Titus 1:5-9
Speaker: Dru Lattin
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When Titus was looking for church leaders, Paul told him to find men with self-control. What does this mean and why is it important? In this practical unpacking of Titus 1, Dru delves into the question of what self-control really looks like.

The Obedience of Zechariah

Speaker: Arlyn Martin; Jaden Mullet
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True obedience to God begins with complete willingness. Jaden shares the story of Zechariah: Sometimes hesitating but ultimately submitting, God used him through his questions and surprise.

Before the main message, Arlyn gives a timely challenge to represent Jesus to everyone we interact with. We are in the “customer service business” for God, and we should act like it. Listen below: