Altared Assumptions

Speaker: Dru Lattin
Texts: Joshua 22; James 1:19-21
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We all make assumptions. At least, that’s what we assume. But thinking that I know your motives can quickly introduce confusion and mistrust into relationships. Dru shares how a civil war nearly broke out, simply because people assumed things, and didn’t check to see what was true.

In the New Covenant, he then looks at what we should do instead of assuming, giving practical direction to avoid this communication pitfall.

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Leadership in HIS Kingdom

Speaker: Verlynn Yoder
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This week, our regular meeting is cancelled, due to sickness and weather. Enjoy this message from Verlynn Yoder of Grove City, MN. This is from leadership meetings we hosted last fall. It’s applicable for everyone!

Image by Muscat_Coach on Pixabay

The Concept of Modesty

Speaker: Elv Graber
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This week, Elv continues his series on modesty (listen to the original here.) With illustrations, diagrams, and stories, he makes this thorny issue practical and heart-centered, challenging us all to examine why we do what we do.

The images referenced in his message:

Elv illustrated different ways of approaching a potentially controversial issue.
He warned against immodest uses of the tongue.
It is never right to blame the way someone dresses for your own moral failure.

Three Reasons to Disobey God

Speaker: Dru Lattin
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Church was cancelled last week due to weather. In lieu of a new message, here’s something Dru shared last November at Charity Christian Fellowship, in Pennsylvania. Click here for original post.

When was the last time you have disobeyed when you knew there was something God wanted you to do? Why did you disobey? Brother Dru gives three excuses we sometimes give for why we disobey God, as well as truth to counter those excuses.