For the Gospel’s Sake

Speaker: Conroy Loewen
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Why should you bother to read your Bible? In this message, Conroy offers several reasons for reading the Bible, explaining that it contains the Gospel – the good news for every person. Listen to be encouraged in learning about God and sharing his message, by embracing His Word!

How Will I Benefit You?

Key texts: 1 Corinthians 14:1-19
Speaker: Dru Lattin
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Continuing with 1 Corinthians, Dru tackles the sometimes-confusing issue of speaking in tongues. After a historical overview of this spiritual gift, he looks at the motivating principles behind how speaking gifts are to be used in the church. Paul called Corinth to “seek to excel in building up the church.” We should do no less.

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The Names of God

Speaker: Elv Graber
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What does your name mean? This may be fun to ask, but it’s much more important when we are speaking of God. Elv leads the church in a discussion of God’s names, and a faith-building review of his character.

Some portions of this recording included group sharing, which were not recorded as loudly as Elv’s voice. It’s worth listening to, though!

Ready to Give an Answer

Speaker: Shannon Martin
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In his final message on Peter’s life and teachings, Shannon gives a sobering challenge to share the hope we have with others. Have we prepared ourselves to give an answer? Are we willing to open our mouths and find ways to give that which we have been given?

Regrets and Restoration

Speaker: Shannon Martin
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In the second of his four-part series on the life and letters of Peter, Shannon Martin looks at Peter’s fall and restoration. How does a person fall so far? Is there hope for him after failure?

Listen below for convicting and hopeful counsel.