Living Lives of Personal Faith and Conviction

Texts: Topical
Speaker: Conroy Loewen
Direct Download (Click link to go to file and download)

Traditions fade and cultures change, but convictions rooted in the Word of God should remain. Conroy invites us to grow in faith and in application of the convictions we have received with the commitment that there will be “no turning back.”

Conroy provided an outline for his message, reproduced below:

  1. Introduction:
    1. Building our faith and convictions on a solid foundation
    2. Godly faith and convictions will keep us from conforming to this world.
  2. Faith
    1. Examine your faith
    2. Faith that is rooted and grounded
    3. Faith that is not shaky, but rather full of assurance
    4. Examples of faith
  3. Personal time in the Word of God and prayer
  4. Family devotions and family living
  5. Moral and worldly purity
  6. Modesty
  7. Head covering
  8. Nonresistance
  9. Child training
  10. Witnessing
  11. A prayer for faith and conviction


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